10 for 16

The ’31 days of creativeness’ has not quite gone to plan. There have not been 16 posts in 16 days. There have been just ten. So I thought I’d take a look at the distractions and dramas that have kept me from doing something creative every day in October and address them. There’s still time left to get back on track.

The beginning went well. For the first seven days there was a creative act every day. I managed to maintain the momentum. Where it all fell apart was the Thanksgiving weekend. I intended to get creative on Saturday (Day 8), but let the Internet completely distract me. Even being physically at my laptop for hours and hours, I did everything else but get creative. I thought about it, but didn’t act. So the first transgression was simply a lack of commitment.

Actually, in the end, all of the missing days can be chalked up to lack of commitment, right?

On Sunday and Monday I was travelling, but that could have been an opportunity for mobile creativeness. But, despite the rural excursions, interacting with old friends, and taking a collection of photos, no determined creative acts took place. Again, I thought about it, but didn’t commit.

And this past week, oh wow, there were many excuses: too much stuff to do around the house, not getting enough sleep, feeling guilty about not using the time to spend with family. However, going back to work (after being away from the office for a 9 days) seems to have had the most significant impact of the ’31 days.’ There was just one creative act during the whole work week.

Now, of course, it’s not the fault of work — it’s my fault. Completely. But this was a bit of an eye-opener. When I don’t feel creative at work (or any other place for that matter), that feeling follows me home like a shadow. When the shadow hangs around, no creativity happens. Instead there is TV, random surfing, and word games on my phone. Which at the time feel much more satisfying.

So to keep the creative movement alive, I need to make a choice. To just do it. To ignore all of the distractions and do this for myself. Make the time. And just get on with it.

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